EV – Charging Station Installation

EV Charging Station

We offer a whole spectrum of EV charging solutions ranging from AC chargers, DC chargers to site management. Being the most reliable electric vehicle charging station service provider in Maharashtra, our EV charging stations offer 94 percent power efficiency and are appropriate to be used at various locations including workplace, parking, highways, fleet, and residential areas to name a few.

EV Charging Station Management

Our EV charging station management solutions includes setting up and managing smarter and emission-free e-mobility infrastructure. Our vast experience in the deployment and management of next generation charging stations helps us empower your life with cleaner and greener energy. From electric vehicle charging station installation to EVSE usage monitoring, charging history and real time charging status monitoring, it all becomes easy with our solutions. We are also a highly acclaimed electric vehicle charging station training provider with a proven track record.

Home Charging Station Setup Service

We understand the importance of both level 1 and level 2 chargers. Level 2 chargers are instrumental for fast electric car charging. More than 95 percent of cars are charged at home and we makes the entire process of buying, installing and maintaining your home charging station feasible and hassle-free for you. Join hands with us if you are considering starting ‘home charging station set-up service’ business for yourself.

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